It’s time to say goodbye: Route is ending its operation

Four years ago Route started being developed. We tried our best to create a product that was different from the bigger players like HubSpot, Eloqua and Marketo.

We wanted to create a simple Marketing Automation tool relying on a self-service product without setup fees. Unfortunately we made a lot of mistakes, saw other companies entering the same market and we couldn’t get the traction needed to create a sustainable business.

As we were running out of money we decided to let Route go.

We don’t know for how long this project will be put aside. Maybe in the future we can start again and try to make things different.

We learned a lot from our mistakes. We all are joining other projects. I’m sure all of our team is a better version of ourselves after this journey.

But for now we will focus on other ventures and Route will be a greate idea that we couldn’t deliver.

If you are our customer we already contacted you. Thank you for giving us a shot!

If you were on our trial, we’ll contact you too with all the information you need to keep using Route while you decide what Marketing Automation service you’ll use in the future. I hope someday we can do business together.

If you are reading this because you wanted to create an account and saw on our homepage that we were going out of business, there are some great tools on the market that are similar to us.

To infinity and beyond!

Route Team.

  • Tim Berman

    Bummer! Looks like a great project. I sure wish the folks at PipeDrive or Intercom would buy you out. We would love this kind of functionality with a tight integration to our stack, the center of which being PipeDrive.

  • williansertorio

    Caramba. Achava vocês um dos produtos brasileiros mais maduros que se tem por aí. Infelizmente não tive a chance de ser cliente. Grande abraço e boa sorte nas novas empreitadas!

  • Xipheon