Cross-domain tracking, Anonymous events and more!

The year is moving fast and our developers are moving faster!

In order to help you don’t lose any opportunity, this month we focused on big improvements to deliver you the most accurate tracking technology in the market.

And we did it!

News for digital agencies and consultants

Everyone who needs to take care of multiple Route accounts now have access to our multi-account menu. To use it, just add the same email to different accounts (e.g. invite your email as new user in your customer’s Route accounts) and confirm the registration, like you’d normally do after registering to use Route.

Once your email is registered as an user in more than one account, you can log in on Route normally and in the top of our side menu you can choose which account do you want to manage.

You can change between your Route accounts easily! Cool, isn’t it?

Furthermore, now our agency partners can create their customer’s accounts easily. If you already are our partner, ask us how. If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Check

Cross-domain tracking

Do you have different domains and want to track your leads across them? Does your sales funnel start in a specific domain and end on another? Do your leads come from a domain and use your software/service in another? No problem, cross-domain tracking works like a charm, and no settings required!

Now you can put our mainscript (or even our WordPress plugin) in more than one website/app and gather the events and contacts in the same Route account, without any special configuration.

This is a ‘must-have feature’ for SaaS companies (or all companies that have landing pages in different domains) that need to track their contacts in different places without losing behavioral and personal data.

Anonymous Events

Until now, Route only cared about the events fired by identified contacts, i.e. the contacts you already have the email.

But we know that probably the first action your visitor does in your website is anonymous, right? So, what happens with the previous visitor’s events?

Before improving our anonymous tracking you could only get info about those events for the contacts that you identified (we always collected historical data for identified contacts), now you can know how your events are performing because we will send to Route data from anonymous visitors.

You’ll see in your account that someone is doing something in your site. Creepy, uh?! 😛

For brazilian people! – Para os brasileiros!

O Route agora tem planos em Reais, o que facilita muito a contratação de nossos planos em nossa terra natal.

Não fizemos apenas um “câmbio” em nossos valores estrangeiros, mas criamos realmente preços especiais para que você comece hoje mesmo a usar o Route para melhorar os resultados do marketing da sua empresa.

Saiba mais na página de planos, ou entre em contato com a gente!


The first quarter has not ended yet and we already delivered almost all of our “Q1 promises” to you.

And you, when you’ll start your 2016’s goals as improving the marketing results in your company?
I’d be glad to help you on that, so let me know!


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