What are the benefits of Marketing Automation?

Target the right people, at the right time, with the right content and make them move along your marketing and sales funnel.

It’s nothing new that the internet gave marketing professionals a lot of information about consumer behavior. Tools focused on web analytics, social analytics and monitoring have been around for a while.

Although those tools helped a lot, the actions needed to be set and executed by the professionals themselves if they wanted to reach the prospects, leads or clients. That’s where marketing automation fits in.

A marketing automation tool can help marketing and sales teams understand better their audience by creating a rich profile that will lead to better targeted message and better leads to sales.

It can help drive conversions.

So, why automate some marketing activities?

In a connected world time matters a lot, specially when we’re talking about brands reaching people with their products or services. It’s easy for someone to visit your website and soon after your competitors’.

According to “InsideSales.com” 25%-50% of the sales go to the vendor that responds first, so you want to be the first to respond!

Using a marketing automation tool like Route will help you: define what you want to track based on user behavior, understand better your audience, learn how they fit in your sales pipeline, create the right content for them and automate the work of sending the message.

To convert more leads into customers and improve your revenue you should start a marketing automation campaign.

How marketing automation will convert more leads into customers?

Marketing automation will help you move people along the sales pipeline of your company.

There’s an estimation that only 25% of those people are ready to buy your product or service and 50% of them are qualified but not ready.

Using a marketing automation tool can help you send them the right message, nurture them, educate them and make them more qualified for the sales.

Marketing and Sales Funnel

If you can keep those 50% close to your brand during period of time, more likely they’ll buy your product or service, not your competitors’.

In conclusion

So, those are the reasons why marketing automation is important and your business can benefit from it.

Your work and message will be more effective, you’ll engage with the right people at the right time with the right content, you will be able to respond quickly and without spending too much time because everything is automated.

You’ll make your leads move along the marketing and sales funnel turning them to customers.

Finally, marketing automation campaigns will give the company information about which strategy is working better helping the effectiveness of their effort in reaching the audience.

Better ROI and money well spent.

Why don’t you give marketing automation a try?

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*Featured Image: Gears by Cris Dobbins from the Noun Project