Zapier, Wufoo and Pricing on last news

November’s gone and before you know it, it’ll be the end of 2015.
But we aren’t on vacation yet, our team is working hard to bring you great improvements and cool new features every day.

Let’s take a look at some news!

New Zapier trigger


We’re working on transforming our global Zapier app (for now though, you just could use it with our invite link), and one of the requirements was to have a brand new “catch all” trigger, that we called “New Contact” (creative, huh?!)

Now you can sync any new contact that is identified by Route with another favorite app of yours, using Zapier.

So, once activated on the Integrations panel, you could create a new zap between Route and another app from more than 400 options.

Don’t know what’s Zapier?
Visit their website right now!

Yes, we have Wufoo integration!


The #1 form builder platform, now fully integrated with Route!

Like the integrations with Unbounce, Instapage and Lander, all you need to do is just set up Wufoo in our Integrations panel to receive a Webhook link that needs to be inserted on the Wufoo notifications form area.

So, when a new person fill your Wufoo form, the contact will be sent to Route, where he/she can trigger your campaigns.

Pricing for all sizes!

Recently we made our pricing plans public, but only for who applied for our trial period. Now, everyone can see our pricing plans, even before starting the free 30-day trial.

You already saw our pricing sheet? Definitely you’ll find one that fits your needs (and budget).

One thing that worth a mention: we only charge for the contacts limit of your plan. All plans have all the features and all plans allow you to send unlimited mail messages.

Partnership Program

In the next few weeks, We’re planning to rollout our partnership program. We’ll focus on companies that want to help us reach more customers and, of course, get rewarded in the process.

What kind of rewards we’re talking about? That’s the best part – you get to tell us what is the best model for you!

We are building this program using suggestions made by our users. If you didn’t give us your two cent’s worth in the past, then now’s the time!

That’s all folks!