Personal email, Broadcast and WordPress plugin on Route last news

This month we have great news for marketers, like you, that would love to have time to contact your leads, one by one, but can’t.

We know that’s not a lack of will, it’s a matter of time. Now we can help you send automated personal (I mean, REALLY PERSONAL) emails and email broadcasts to everyone.

So, let’s see the first 2016 news!

The real personal email

Nowadays is very hard to compose an email that looks personal.

Sometimes the text isn’t so good, the subject is generic and even worst, the from header is ruined by your marketing software. Your lead is reading your email, giving you one chance, when he or she saw ‘mail sent by software-X’.

All your work composing the perfect email falls in pieces at your feet. How they will believe that the email was sent personally to them, if it was declared the opposite inside that same email?

Want to send automated personal emails that really looks personal?

Our new personal email feature sends the campaigns directly from your mail account, just like you would.

Just give Route the permission to send emails in your behalf, and we’ll send them.

The messages will really be sent by your email account! They will appear in your “sent itens” area and will be delivered right to the users inbox, not on  the Promotions or Updates tabs in Gmail (or in the SPAM folder of Gmail and other email clients).

From the technical point of view, the user can’t know that your message wasn’t really for him.

Curious about this feature? Try i right now!

Broadcast yourself

The most waited and voted feature ever, the email broadcast is up and running. It’s still a work in progress, but what you think about testing it?

With this new feature, you don’t need another email marketing software, you can send all kind of emails through Route: the automated ones, the newsletters, the personal emails and so on.

Cut through the mess of keep your contacts synced between Route and your email marketing software and, of course, avoid to be paying for two different services. Use only Route!

Furthermore, we are not a ‘simple’ email marketing platform. We are a Marketing Automation platform that also offers a broadcast feature.

You can create triggers with  complex conditions to start your broadcast instead of simple ‘send to everyone and pray for results’ approach, as you would do using other tools.

Oh, and stay tuned! Soon, you will have access to new features about sending broadcast campaigns to your contacts.

WordPress plugin!

Start tracking your users with Route is easy. If you use WordPress it became even easier with our plugin!

Route’s plugin for WordPress adds our main script to your site without copying and pasting our main Javascript to the header of your site Without you having to edit the header of your site and working with code.

It will permit Route to start tracking your users and their events. With just a few clicks.

The plugin can be installed via the WordPress plugin portal, at Route’s plugin page, downloading from the site and uploading to your FTP or with my favorite way: inside your WordPress panel.

Go to plugins > add new and search for Route on the search box. Just insert your FTP info and WordPress will do the rest for you, painlessly!

And there’s more!

As said last month, many cool features, long awaited for you, are coming in this first quarter and we hope that you’ll use them and give us all kind of feedbacks.

Again, if you really need a specific feature to start using Route as your marketing automation platform or even to improve the usefulness for you, let us know!